Salute the Eagle

Ahh, just finished the 3 Eagle tutorials, and all it took was a trip to Starbucks, about 3-4 hours, and Kid Cudi in the headphones. They are easily worth paying for! So, to pay hommage, I will list them here, in case you havent found them already.

  1. Eagle Basics: Schematics

  2. Eagle Basics: PCB Layout

  3. Eagle Basics: Creating a Part

Take these with a grain of salt. There will be small stuff they don't cover, so feel free to get your hands dirty! Also, if your a fan of command line commands, Eagle has a text box at the top where you can enter text commands for things like changing colors of layers, refreshing windows, etc. (I don't know all the possibilities) and I found these useful from time to time. Now, before I go to church this morning, I will meditate on my next project. Deuces.


Eagle also comes with a 71 page pdf tutorial also. I will be checking this out for myself in the future.